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Nov 042017

Andrew Vrba PmG – of - 18 year old son Andrew Vrba Jr. arrested for murder mutilation and burning the body of a trans female

Evidently our old friend Andrew Vrba PmG (of raised his son (Andrew Vrba, Jr.) to, intentionally or not, hate gays and transgender people.  Andrew Vrba, Jr. was arrested for First Degree Murder in Texas County, Missouri.

Andrew Vrba has admitted (see Sheriff’s Office report below) to the murder and mutilation of a 17 year old transgender female named Ally Lee Steinfeld.  The crime took place in Cabool, Missouri (Texas County) at some point in September (2017).

According to the Sheriff’s Office report Andrew Vrba [, Jr.] used a knife to murder the trans female and then gouged her eyes out, and then stabbed her multiple times in her penis (remember this is a trans female) and then after she was dead he burned her body.

How do we know that this is the son of Andrew Vrba, PmG (of

It wouldn’t responsible to publish this article if the only evidence which we had was that (1) they are both from Missouri, (2) have the same names and (3) their ages (i.e., we believe 38 years of age, born January 3, 1979, for Andrew Vrba, Sr.) fit with being father and son.

Before we go any further lets first establish that Andrew Vrba PmG is from Missouri.  Here’s a post at which says it all:

How do we know that 18 year old Andrew Vrba is the son of Andrew Vrba, PmG?  According to a Sheriff’s Office report (Probable Cause Statement – Texas County Sheriff’s Office – Sept. 21, 2017) the D.O.B. (Date of Birth) listed for Andrew Vrba is April 17, 1999:

What’s so important about Andrew Vrba [, Jr.’s] date of birth?

His date of birth is important in our investigation because it’s the same exact date of birth listed in this 1999 newspaper birth announcement for the baby boy of Andrew Vrba and Ozell [Catherine] Vrba (maiden name – Spicer):


Full page of The Springfield News-Leader, Springfield, Missouri. Wednesday, April 28, 1999 (page 16):

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Jun 182017


Well.. sort of.

He may be the next President of Harvard University.

Drew Gilpin Faust, the current President of Harvard University, is set to step down in June, 2018.  She assumed office in July, 2007.

How will she be succeeded by?

Deirdre Fernandes and Laura Krantz of the Boston Globe have listed Barack Obama, among six others individuals from the Harvard community, as possibilities –

Alan M. Garber

Nitin Nohria (pictured to the right of Obama in the featured image)

David W. Leebron

Shirley Ann Jackson

Michael M. Crow

Janet Yellen (pictured to the left of Obama in the featured image)

I wish Obama the best of luck if he does indeed wish to become the next President of Harvard University.


Some closing notes and other data –

(a)  Obama graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991

(b)  Obama served as the first African American editor of the Harvard Law Review

(c)  evidently Faust was paid $1.2 million in total compensation from Harvard in 2014 (data isn’t available for 2015 or 2016)

(d)  should Obama write a White House memoir before he embarks on an education career (e.g., President of Harvard University)?

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May 282017


The Ministry of Land – Republic of Kenya – is baaaaack!  May 2017 – Government of Kenya endorses Barack Obama 1961 Kenya Coast Province General Hospital birth certificate which was procured by Lucas Daniel Smith in 2009.


You all may remember that back in 2010 a Mr. James Orengo, the Minster of Lands and Member of Kenyan Parliament stated, on the floor of the Kenya Parliament, that US President Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Moreover, at no point after his statement did any other member of the Kenya Parliament attempt to correct Mr. Orengo.

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OFFICIAL REPORT Thursday, 25th March, 2010, page 31:

“If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America?”



Nov 062012

Black man opens door for white women in Philadelphia.

Thats what Fox worries about.

Meanwhile, from The Nation:

Misinformation Encourages Philadelphians to Cancel Their Own Votes

Misinformation encouraging people in Philadelphia to cancel their own votes has been circulating on Tuesday, and Obama field operatives have begun trying to correct the rumor on the ground. The rumor, which has spread in urban and predominantly African American areas of Philadelphia that tilt towards Barack Obama, wrongly instructed voters to first select an All Democratic voting slate and then cast another vote specifically for Obama. That second vote has the effect of canceling the original vote, according to two Democratic sources in Philadelphia.

Many voters are being told to vote for the President by BOTH checking the Straight Democrat Box and the Box for the President, explains an email from an Obama Voter Protection staffer targeting Philadelphia voters. That action cancels the vote, says the staffer, who instructed voters to do one or the other, but not both.

The Obama campaign has voter protection staff and attorneys on the ground trying to clarify the situation, and began sending emails as early as 9:16am today. Concerns about the rumor began bubbling up early this morning, including one 7:46am tweet warning against the confusing double-vote option.

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Nov 062012


Charlie Pierce at Esquire:

It had been a long time since I was around a presidential campaign when I picked this one up in Iowa a little more than a year ago. The first story that hit me was the money. It still seems to me that the money is the only story in this whole campaign. It has deformed the process almost to unrecognizability. It has created a new normal that seems insulated on all sides from the people who are supposed to matter the most. If the president manages to hang on, it will be seen as a triumph of participatory democracy over legalized bribery, and we will all be encouraged to feel very good about ourselves because things turned out that way. But, seriously, were it not for the new political universe created by the Big Bang of the Citizens United decision, and were it not for the swiftly established metric that he who has the most money wins, the candidacy of Willard Romney would be an almost impossible burlesque. Four years after the titans of the financial-services industry nearly ate the entire world, the Republicans nominate a plutocratic maladroit who can barely wrestle a coherent sentence to a draw — We start a new tomorrow tomorrow, was yesterdays gem — and who is entirely a creature of the very industry that had caused the misery in the first place. It is exactly the same as if the Republicans in 1932 had replaced Herbert Hoover at the top of their ticket with Andrew Mellon.

But the election is still within an eyelash, one way or the other, because Romneys money, and all the other money that lined up behind it, made him credible. Exactly forty years after anonymous corporate cash became the first loose thread that would lead to the unravelling of Richard Nixons presidency, anonymous corporate cash is the coin of the realm. It is the measure by which we determine the fitness to lead the nation, to command the armed forces, to who gets their hands on the nuclear codes. It used to be popular to complain that we had turned politics into an advertising design competition, that we sold our candidates like soap. Now, weve turned the elections into investment opportunities, and we sell our candidates like beachfront condos or cattle futures. I am not at all sure this is an improvement.

But, recently, watching things on the ground here in Florida, Ive come to think that there is an even bigger story than the money, that the money is merely the only story within the only story. I have watched at close range how very far politicians will go to use their institutional power as elected officials to deaden the instincts of self-government. It is the money that got them into place to do it, but what theyre doing is something far more insidious and dangerous. Actively keeping people from exercising the franchise is bad enough. But to continue, over and over and over again, to make the process harder and harder until a critical mass of people decides that self-government is not worth the bother, I think, is far, far worse.

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