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Nov 042017

Andrew Vrba PmG – of - 18 year old son Andrew Vrba Jr. arrested for murder mutilation and burning the body of a trans female

Evidently our old friend Andrew Vrba PmG (of raised his son (Andrew Vrba, Jr.) to, intentionally or not, hate gays and transgender people.  Andrew Vrba, Jr. was arrested for First Degree Murder in Texas County, Missouri.

Andrew Vrba has admitted (see Sheriff’s Office report below) to the murder and mutilation of a 17 year old transgender female named Ally Lee Steinfeld.  The crime took place in Cabool, Missouri (Texas County) at some point in September (2017).

According to the Sheriff’s Office report Andrew Vrba [, Jr.] used a knife to murder the trans female and then gouged her eyes out, and then stabbed her multiple times in her penis (remember this is a trans female) and then after she was dead he burned her body.

How do we know that this is the son of Andrew Vrba, PmG (of

It wouldn’t responsible to publish this article if the only evidence which we had was that (1) they are both from Missouri, (2) have the same names and (3) their ages (i.e., we believe 38 years of age, born January 3, 1979, for Andrew Vrba, Sr.) fit with being father and son.

Before we go any further lets first establish that Andrew Vrba PmG is from Missouri.  Here’s a post at which says it all:

How do we know that 18 year old Andrew Vrba is the son of Andrew Vrba, PmG?  According to a Sheriff’s Office report (Probable Cause Statement – Texas County Sheriff’s Office – Sept. 21, 2017) the D.O.B. (Date of Birth) listed for Andrew Vrba is April 17, 1999:

What’s so important about Andrew Vrba [, Jr.’s] date of birth?

His date of birth is important in our investigation because it’s the same exact date of birth listed in this 1999 newspaper birth announcement for the baby boy of Andrew Vrba and Ozell [Catherine] Vrba (maiden name – Spicer):


Full page of The Springfield News-Leader, Springfield, Missouri. Wednesday, April 28, 1999 (page 16):

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